Assault Lawyer Toronto

Statistics show that in every minute, at least 30 crimes are reported.

Of these crimes reported, assault accounts for 7%. This is according to the FBI. This, however, does not mean that there are at least 30 crimes that happen every minute in the United States.

These statistics only show the reports made. Some of these reports are not factual, and may easily be based on misinformation.

In such a situation, if the officers called in do not handle the process right, an innocent person can end up behind bars. It is far worse when it is an assault charge as they could face 18 months to 10 years in jail. This is why we exist.


The Defense

Our law firm exists specifically to help alleged criminals prove their innocence. We indeed believe in the “innocent ‘till proven guilty” rule. As such, we will work with you from the begging of the claim to see how it is that you could have been charged with the crime.

Fact-Finding Missions

This is the first stage of the process. As all claims go, a charge needs to be filed against you in order for you to be arrested and hence termed a criminal. This will form the basis of our fact-finding mission. We take the claim and tear it apart factually. Before approaching anyone, we start with our client. Using client privileges, we get to know the actual truth of their innocence or guilt from their lips.

We then go back to the ‘scene of the crime’ so to speak. This means starting from the victim of the crime and the crime itself. The only way to judge a book is by reading its contents. This is exactly what we do with the crime in question.

We start off with the victim. This will be our first interview, where we ask questions based on the claims they made when they were filing the charge. We weigh their responses to our questions and relate them to their claim and see if there are any loopholes.

The next stop is the witnesses named. Practically all stable assault crimes have witnesses. We conduct interviews and also weigh their responses to the evidence given. We then scrutinize the evidence presented to find out if anything really points at our client. We then file our findings.

Preparing The Defense

Once our fact-finding mission is over, we compile the findings. We are aware that the prosecutor believes they have a solid case and will, therefore, work hard to prove the client’s guilt. We, therefore, ensure that we have solid evidence that works in the client’s favor. This includes finding witnesses of our own that can prove that the client is indeed innocent. These could be through providing a solid alibi that takes the client away from the scene of the crime at the time, character references and so on. We then proceed to come up with a winning defense that is bound to help you walk out a free citizen.

Why Use A Criminal Lawyer Toronto

We have vast experience and knowledge that is instrumental in proving your innocence. We also know your way around the law granting us an upper hand in preparing your defense. Contact us today and help us help you.