Dangerous Driving Toronto

Accidents happen a lot, unfortunately; especially motor accidents.

They can be caused by a number of things, including drunken driving, motor malfunction or even road confusion.

However, in some cases, these accidents are intentional and hence not accidents at all. This is what is by law termed as dangerous driving.
In some cases, you may be charged for dangerous driving while, in fact, it was an accident. If you find yourself in such a predicament, we are your go-to criminal lawyers.


Definition Of Dangerous Driving

Let’s, first of all, make it clear what dangerous driving truly is. By law, if a person damages another person’s car, or even puts a life in danger by intentionally driving into their car, for example, this is dangerous driving. Essentially, dangerous driving is any form of driving where “Mens Rea” (Latin for intent to cause harm) can be proven. The line here is so thin that most police officers choose to overlook it and may charge the offender, though innocent, of dangerous driving without bothering to prove the intent.

Possible Penalties

Dangerous driving claims are generally charged according to the degree of damage. If there is minimal damage and no one is harmed you can simply have your license suspended for a year. However, if there is a high degree of damage, and people get hurt, you may be looking at 10 years in jail.
At Criminal Lawyers Toronto, we have handled many of these charges and know where exactly to draw the line between an accident and dangerous driving. We are also clear on where accidents can seem like dangerous driving due to the extent of damage while indeed, there was no intent to harm. How do we get you off in such a case?


We start from the basics. We look at how the incident happened, your frame of mind at the time and the outcome. In some dangerous driving cases, the offender is aware of who is driving the other vehicle and actually targets it. If it can be proven that you had no prior acquaintance with the victim(s), no reason to cause them harm and no benefit from their coming to harm, we have a start.

The investigations go as far as looking for and interviewing possible eyewitnesses and coming up with comprehensive conclusions. You will also need to answer a number of questions in order for us to have an all-rounded defense. Once all details are clear, we then come up with a defense worthy of presenting to court.

Criminal Lawyers Near Me

Toronto boasts of a number of law firms, all of which specialize in one field or another. At Criminal Lawyers Toronto, we not only specialize in criminal law, but have so much experience in it that we know every loophole that can be used against you. We are therefore armed and ready with your defense. Our team of capable advocates works to ensure justice is indeed served, especially in your favor. Contact us today and allow us to help you get out of the muddy side of justice.